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"Total Body Indulgence" Spa in a Jar 230g

"Total Body Indulgence" Spa in a Jar 230g

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Who doesn't like a spa day? Paradise Bath House has a "Total Body Indulgence" Spa line too! All the benefits of a day at the spa, without the price of one!

Our "Total Body Indulgence" Spa in a Jar is exactly what you're thinking when you hear "Spa in a Jar"!

This absolutely luxurious product has amazing clays such as Canadian Glacial, French Green and Dead Sea Clays. These clays have very high mineral content and attract positively charged bacteria, contaminates and toxins in the skin and will detoxify, rejuvenate and revitalize. The Glacial clay also pulls moisture from deep within the tissues and hydrates the surface of the skin. This is a multi versatile product and can be used as a masque, shower wash, scalp treatment, even a luxurious mud bath!

Comes with hair wrap/eye mask and hand towel


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