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"The Pits" All Natural Aluminum & Baking Soda Free Deodorant

"The Pits" All Natural Aluminum & Baking Soda Free Deodorant

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Natural deodorants are becoming increasingly popular especially knowing what chemicals go into traditional ones out there.

Our "The Pits" deodorant is a natural, baking soda and aluminum free, non toxic & vegan friendly deodorant and is like no other! This is not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirant are made to stop you from sweating by blocking the sweat glands. Deodorants are made to attack the bacteria that causes the odor when we sweat, big difference!

Our deodorant doesn't block the sweat glands but rather has several natural ingredients in it that neutralizes and eliminates the odor by absorbing the sweat, oils and moisture without drying your skin out. It is a water-resistant deodorant, meaning it will stay on even when swimming, yet washes off easily with soap and water! Some people have said that deodorants containing baking soda has irritated their skin and our deodorant has no baking soda in it! It is a semi-solid water-less balm or stick.

You may never go back to traditional deodorants again!


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