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"Valiant in Velvet" Luxurious Beard Oil 2 oz

"Valiant in Velvet" Luxurious Beard Oil 2 oz

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There are many benefits to using a beard oil as part of your grooming routine. Incorporating a beard oil will help to soften and strengthen beard hair, can treat dry or rough beards, provides the beard with vitamins, fatty acids and minerals for a healthy growth as well as healthy skin beneath the beard, moisturize and protect skin beneath the beard, gets rid of flaky skin and beard itch as well as redness and skin irritation and cleans the beard, leaving it smelling amazing!

Our "Valiant in Velvet" Luxurious Beard Oil is a must for any man sporting a beard. You will see instant benefits from the first use, but after two weeks of using our beard oil you’ll experience the added benefits of the pumpkin oil which helps improve skin tone and treats and prevents hair loss in the beard.

You won’t believe how good your beard will look and feel with this oil!


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